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Here’s what you need to know about Accounting Fraud and Fraud Triangle

What is Accounting Fraud?

Accounting fraud is intentional manipulation of financial statements to create a window dressing of a company’s financial health. It involves an employee, account or the organization itself and is misleading to investors and shareholders. A company can

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Scrapping of ICDS

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Bombay Chartered Accountants’ Society (BCAS) has taken up online petition for scrapping Income Computation & Disclosure Standards. 

BCAS have appeal to all our CA friends to sign the petition and also share the link with their contacts.

The link to the petition is:


We look forward to your active support in making this petition a success.

Whats ICAI Vision for 2030?

ICAI had released its Vision 2030 document which set outs its Vision for 2030, Mission , Strategic Priorities and Action Plan for the coming three years to achieve its Vision during the 62nd Annual Function held on 11th February 2012 by the august hands of Dr. M. Veerappa Moily , Minister of Corporate Affairs.

ICAI aims at harnessing the opportunities and addressing the challenges presented by the Read More »

Do you need to worry? – Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 Notes withdrawn

After Narendra Modi Announcement on withdrawal of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 people started panicking and rushed to nearest ATM, some rushed to nearest jewellery shops to purchase gold and even in morning 9th November, 2016 people rushedRead More »

Gyaan hi Shakti Hai – Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power is the most famous and true proverb said by the famous personality named, Francis Bacon. Knowledge helps to differentiate between human beings and animals. Man has mind and ability to use the power of knowledge accordingly, that’s why man is called as the most powerful and intelligent creature on the earth by the nature. Knowledge helps in improving the personality of man; it creates self confidence and brings lots of patience to do most difficult tasks in the life. We can say godmother to the knowledge because it gives ways to all the discoveries, inventions, and explorations.

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